Friday, July 9, 2010

Wednesday, July 7th Letter

Hola Everyone,
First off Mom I did get your package. Thank-you Thank-you!!!!!  I love the skirt and the other Hermanas say it looks really cute on me.  I know that must have been hard with how busy you are Mom and I want you to know that I appreciate it.  The language is going pretty well.  This is the second week that our teachers are only talking to us in Espanol.  Also we have three days a week that we only speak Espanol.  Those days are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I wish I could say a lot more, but I just keep working at it.  I know when I arrive in the mission I will feel like I learned nothing in the MTC because people will talk so fast.  But I know with the Lord's help I will be just fine.  It will be difficult and frustrating but that will just make me stronger.  My companion and I keep working on being good companions for each other.  She told me that in her setting apart blessing she would be blessed with sweet companions.  I just kept thinking about how my blessing told me to be patient with my companions.  That seemed to be the biggest message to me before my mission was that I would have some difficult companions.  But I love my companion she is awesome.  Yeah sometimes things get rough but we work things out.  So my district is now the oldest district in the zone.  We have four districts total in my zone.  My district is the only one with Sisters.  It feels weird to be the 'oldest'.  But at the same time I am excited to be that much closer to going to Texas.
I have some really sad news about one of the Hermanas.  One of the Hermanas has been sick every since she got here.  She got a cold, hurt her foot, etc.,  Well this week they finally sent her to a specialist for her foot.  She has tendinitis ( I think that is how you say it.)  She is a runner so this is very common.  This was on Monday.  On Tuesday morning they took some of her blood to do some tests because they were worried about some of the other symptoms she has been having.  Symptoms like being thristy all of the time, using the bathroom alot, and multiple charlie-horses in the while she is sleeping.  Well during our morning class a nurse came and pulled her and her companion out of our class.  We knew this could not be a good sign.  Well, the diagnosis is that Hermana Jardine has Type II Diabetes.  I was worried this was what it was because I know what the symptoms are.  Her blood sugar level was over 500.  It should be around 100.  They did some more tests on her urine.  There was a lot of things in her urine that should not be there.  I don't remember what they were.  But they sent her to the hospital to stay over night.  Her companion went with her.  She won't leave her to do this alone she says.  On top of this she also has an appointment with an OB-GYN for a reaccuring yeast infection.  This poor girl.  So the doctors say that she will be sent home.  They say we will have about a week left with her and then she is going home.  She has been crying and crying.  I have not even seen her or her companion today.  After she leaves Hermana Donkin will join the rest of us and we will form a tri-panionship.  I don't know what we will do without Hermana Jardine.  They have been gone all day yesterday and today.  We miss them and notice greatly their absense.  Things just don't feel right without them. 
I pray all of you are well and healthy.  I love you all.  I keep working hard to prepare to share this wonderful gospel with the world.
Love,  Hermana Mills 

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