Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th Letter

Buenos Dias Familia y Amigos,

It is so good to write all of you!!! I love you all very much and appreciate the prayers that are said on my and my brother's behalf. I am so grateful for those prayers. First, Grandma sent me some pictures of your trip to the Manti Pageant. I really really really didn't like the pictures of my one and only sister bleeding from the mouth being placed in an ambulance. Dear Baby Sister, Take it easy!!!!! Drink lots of water!!!! You have to let your body have sometime to heal before you can do all the things you are use to doing. You are worrying me. I know you are independent. I know you can do everything by yourself, but you have to stay down for this one. Love, The Big Sister. For those of you who don't know my little sister had her tonsils taken out June 8th.

So as for me I am doing much better. I am all better from my lovely Pink Eye. And no one has come down with it either. So it was worth all the handwashing. I washed my hands so much that the were cracking and bleeding. This week the new mission presidents were here at the MTC getting trained. This meant that the 1M building which is the main building was closed for us except for laundry and the cafeteria. We had a special fireside on Friday night where Elder Oaks spoke to us. Elder Christofferson, Elder Bednar, Elder Cook, Elder Scott, Elder Holland, and Elder Nelson also were there at the fireside. It was so neat to see all the apostles. Elder Oaks spoke about the importance of having a firm testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. How the world is beginning to question his divine mission and life, but we know who he is and should not hesitate to testify of it. The first presidency was here but we didn't see them. They blocked off half of the cafeteria. Those of you who have been to the MTC know how crowded the cafeteria is. Imagine the same amount of people squished into half the space. It was very crowded.

Life here at the MTC moves on. We continue to practice teaching and learn the language. This week we are starting to teach the lessons completely in Espanol. I am surprised that I can kind of teach. But I still need a lot of work. I just keep working hard and have faith that God called me to this mission and he will help me accomplish what I need to accomplish. I would just like to thank everyone for the love and support you all have given to me. I appreciate those of you who have written.

Love, Hermana Mills

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23rd Letter

Buenos Dias Everyone,        

This week started out pretty fun.  Wednesday night during Zone Teach ( This is where we practice teaching each other the lessons we are working on) my eye started to really bother me. I thought it was just my contact irritating me at the end of the day.  But it wouldn't stop.  It was distracting everyone in our lesson. They said my eye had gotten really red.  One of the Elders mentioned that he thought I might have pink eye.  He said that Elder Mulleniaux had pink eye and maybe I had caught it. Elder Mulleniaux is one of our Zone Leaders. As the coordinating sister I am in a lot of extra meetings with them.  So that night I took out my contacts. Used some eye drops and received a blessing because I wasn't feeling well.  The next morning my eye was still red and felt swollen and sore.  So my companion and I went to see the Doctor.  Surprise surprise I was diagnosed with Pink Eye.  I have never had pink eye before and I do not recommend the experience.  My companion and I were authorized to walk down to BYU pharmacy to pick up my perscription immediately.  It felt weird to go off of MTC campus.  I was given eye drops for my eyes.  I have to put them in my eyes every two hours.  But thankfully I don't have to wake up to do this.  I also had to throw away most of my makeup.  My contact solution and container and the contacts I was using.  I had to buy everything new.  I wasn't allowed to shake anyone's hand..  I was really careful not to get anyone sick.  And I pretty much all better. Tomorrow I get to wear makeup and contacts again.  The Zone Leader and I are all better and no one new has pink eye.              

As for the language I learned a ton of new conjugations this week.  We learned future, past participle, preterit, and imperfect.  The language is coming pretty well. I continue to practice and memorize the scriptures I am asked to memorize.  I continue to work on my teaching skills, especially applying the lessons to investigators lives and focusing on commitments.  The gospel is true and I am grateful for the spirit I get to feel here on a mission.  Missions are hard no doubt about it.  But they are well worth it.  The lessons you learn on your mission will bless you your whole life.  For those of you preparing to serve a mission, gain a testimony.  Your own firm testimony that Christ lives and loves you.  Make sure you are converted to Christ. That is the best thing you can do.            

I love and miss you all.  Continue to do good things.   

Love Hermana Alaina Mills           

 P.S. Happy Father's day to all the men out there!! You all are and will be wonderful fathers.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 16th, 2010 LETTER

Dear Family and Friends,

Hola from the MTC!!! This week has been alot easier than previous weeks. My companion has really made alot of effort to try to open up and to stop focusing so much on her feelings of homesickness. I really think it all began after she received an amazing blessing from our District Leader, Elder Wood. She has been able to handle her homesickness so much better. Also, we actually feel like friends now. We laugh a lot and find our differences to be very entertaining. Charity and Patience really do work. And I think everyone was inspired before my mission to give me wonderful advice on how to deal with difficult companions. The most useful advice I have had is to serve them more and to not take offense to anything. Even if your companion means it offensively, decide to not take it that way. Remembering that you, like them, have been called to represent the Savior helps you to see them the way the Savior does.

This week I had an opportunity to try out for a special choir that will be performing for many of the meetings with the new Mission Presidents who will be coming soon. We will have the first presidency here as well as many of the twelve. I think we all fantasize of hearing from the prophet. I didn't get into the choir, but one of my Hermanas did. If it had to be one of us, I am glad it was her. I was disappointed but it really I was just fine. Being in a choir is not the most important thing I am here to do. Today we are getting a new district of 12 Elders. No new sisters for me to coordinate, so I just keep trying to help my Hermanas in my District. We had a whole 15 people leave our Zone this week - 8 from the oldest district. There were two Elders in particular from this District that I will miss greatly. They were very helpful and always willing to listen. There names were Elder Bailey and Elder Champagne. Then we had the Three Nephites (as we call them) get temporarily assigned to the Salt Lake City South Mission. They have been in our Zone for 16 weeks. They have been waiting for their Visas to go through. One of them is pretty close. So they left us as well. And lastly the Four Guatemalans from my District left. So now we are a District of 4 Hermanas and 4 Elders. This is very odd and doesn't happen very often. We will miss our Guatemalan Elders but they are bound for the Guatemalan MTC.

Well as for the Doctrine, I am starting to practice teaching the 2nd lesson on the Plan of Salvation. I have the first lesson down now. Also I have my purpose and the first vision memorized in English and Spanish. I can contact in Spanish. This week we are working on Following Up On Commitments in Spanish. As for conjugations I have learned present, conditional, commands, and preterit:regular. Today is the last day we will be able to go to the temple because they are closing the temple for 5 weeks or so. This has everyone very sad. My companion was sure we could convince them to bus us to another temple, but it was not to be. Also the gym will be closed beginning in July so we will be exercising only outside or in our rooms.

I love you all!!! Love, Hermana Mills

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear Family,
First I would like to thank every for there prayers.  I can feel them.  They really help to support me as I continue to struggle to learn this language.  But I definitely noticed that it was starting to come more easily.  To everyone, I only get a total of 30 minutes on the computer so please write me.  Don't email me.  I have no way of printing out email until I am in Houston.  I will be in the MTC until July 28.  We have already had Elder Robert D. Hales come to teach us on Tuesday evening.  Most of my day consists of study and study.  Some eating and exercising.  Lots of meetings for Coordinating Sister and Class.  The high points are the temple on P-days.  The temple walks on Sunday.  The devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.  And the movie on Sunday night.  But most of the time I only get to see half of the movie.  This Sunday it was Legacy.  There is this really immature tradition where the Elders OHHH at the first kiss.  It just reminded me that these Elders are only 19.  I am so excited for my sister who graduated from High-School.  I knew you would make it Collette. 
My companion and I are doing better.  She met with Presidente Nelson.  I think he gave her a reprimand for not serving me enough.  Because she really started trying to serve me and have more charity towards me.  This has helped so much.  Learning the language and teaching goes much more smoothly.  This is of course due to the fact that the spirit can be with us more since the spirit of contention is gone.  I didn't realize that if my companion was feeling contentious I would have a harder time feeling the spirit.  It makes sense though since we are around each other all of the time.  I have also found that I am very organized compared to everyone else.  I have the neatest area in the room.  The other Hermanas say they are learning from my example.  I think they are all wonderful.  My companion is teaching me alot about patience, and what it feels like to serve someone who does not like you.  Luckily this is changing.  She is liking me a lot more. 
Everyone who is preparing missionaries to go into the field.  Make sure they gain their own testimony before they go.  Have them read Preach My Gospel before they come to the field.  It really does help.  Well that is all the time I have.  I love you all.  Remember write me hard copies so I can have more time on email.  Gracias, Hermana Mills
P.S. MTC Box #85  Dear Elder is great