Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23rd Letter

Buenos Dias Everyone,        

This week started out pretty fun.  Wednesday night during Zone Teach ( This is where we practice teaching each other the lessons we are working on) my eye started to really bother me. I thought it was just my contact irritating me at the end of the day.  But it wouldn't stop.  It was distracting everyone in our lesson. They said my eye had gotten really red.  One of the Elders mentioned that he thought I might have pink eye.  He said that Elder Mulleniaux had pink eye and maybe I had caught it. Elder Mulleniaux is one of our Zone Leaders. As the coordinating sister I am in a lot of extra meetings with them.  So that night I took out my contacts. Used some eye drops and received a blessing because I wasn't feeling well.  The next morning my eye was still red and felt swollen and sore.  So my companion and I went to see the Doctor.  Surprise surprise I was diagnosed with Pink Eye.  I have never had pink eye before and I do not recommend the experience.  My companion and I were authorized to walk down to BYU pharmacy to pick up my perscription immediately.  It felt weird to go off of MTC campus.  I was given eye drops for my eyes.  I have to put them in my eyes every two hours.  But thankfully I don't have to wake up to do this.  I also had to throw away most of my makeup.  My contact solution and container and the contacts I was using.  I had to buy everything new.  I wasn't allowed to shake anyone's hand..  I was really careful not to get anyone sick.  And I pretty much all better. Tomorrow I get to wear makeup and contacts again.  The Zone Leader and I are all better and no one new has pink eye.              

As for the language I learned a ton of new conjugations this week.  We learned future, past participle, preterit, and imperfect.  The language is coming pretty well. I continue to practice and memorize the scriptures I am asked to memorize.  I continue to work on my teaching skills, especially applying the lessons to investigators lives and focusing on commitments.  The gospel is true and I am grateful for the spirit I get to feel here on a mission.  Missions are hard no doubt about it.  But they are well worth it.  The lessons you learn on your mission will bless you your whole life.  For those of you preparing to serve a mission, gain a testimony.  Your own firm testimony that Christ lives and loves you.  Make sure you are converted to Christ. That is the best thing you can do.            

I love and miss you all.  Continue to do good things.   

Love Hermana Alaina Mills           

 P.S. Happy Father's day to all the men out there!! You all are and will be wonderful fathers.

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