Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Dear Family,
First I would like to thank every for there prayers.  I can feel them.  They really help to support me as I continue to struggle to learn this language.  But I definitely noticed that it was starting to come more easily.  To everyone, I only get a total of 30 minutes on the computer so please write me.  Don't email me.  I have no way of printing out email until I am in Houston.  I will be in the MTC until July 28.  We have already had Elder Robert D. Hales come to teach us on Tuesday evening.  Most of my day consists of study and study.  Some eating and exercising.  Lots of meetings for Coordinating Sister and Class.  The high points are the temple on P-days.  The temple walks on Sunday.  The devotionals on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.  And the movie on Sunday night.  But most of the time I only get to see half of the movie.  This Sunday it was Legacy.  There is this really immature tradition where the Elders OHHH at the first kiss.  It just reminded me that these Elders are only 19.  I am so excited for my sister who graduated from High-School.  I knew you would make it Collette. 
My companion and I are doing better.  She met with Presidente Nelson.  I think he gave her a reprimand for not serving me enough.  Because she really started trying to serve me and have more charity towards me.  This has helped so much.  Learning the language and teaching goes much more smoothly.  This is of course due to the fact that the spirit can be with us more since the spirit of contention is gone.  I didn't realize that if my companion was feeling contentious I would have a harder time feeling the spirit.  It makes sense though since we are around each other all of the time.  I have also found that I am very organized compared to everyone else.  I have the neatest area in the room.  The other Hermanas say they are learning from my example.  I think they are all wonderful.  My companion is teaching me alot about patience, and what it feels like to serve someone who does not like you.  Luckily this is changing.  She is liking me a lot more. 
Everyone who is preparing missionaries to go into the field.  Make sure they gain their own testimony before they go.  Have them read Preach My Gospel before they come to the field.  It really does help.  Well that is all the time I have.  I love you all.  Remember write me hard copies so I can have more time on email.  Gracias, Hermana Mills
P.S. MTC Box #85  Dear Elder is great

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