Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, January 3rd Letter

Group Shot from Christmas Conference
Dear Family and Friends,

So I have a New Year's Surprise!!!! We had a baptism!!!! On the 2nd of January one of our long time investigators was baptized. He was found in a Jack-in-the-Box. He said that he usually goes through the drive-thru, but on this day he wanted to go inside and he didn't know why. He went inside and saw three white girls with tags that were in spanish. He is from Colombia but very much Americanized. He speaks better English than Spanish. But he likes associating himself with the Latino population. So he asked the girls if they spoke spanish. They replied to him in Spanish that in fact they did. He was so surprised and intrigued. To make a long story short he came to church the next day and has been an investigator ever since. He has been ready to be baptized since July but there was always an excuse. He wanted his family who were in Colombia to be here. When they were finally here he had taken a new job that makes him travel. He would still go to church wherever he was. We would have lessons over the phone with him. So he finally decided that the next time he got off time for work he wanted to be baptized. So they began teaching him in February of 2010 and he was baptized January of 2011. He is a very sweet guy. He is 44 years old. He was a Marine and loves to watch the Discovery channel. His name is Guillermo. (William in English) We had a lot of visiting Hermanas at his baptism because they had all taught him at one point.

It was a very nice service. They bishopric decided they wanted to have a musical number right before the actual baptism. They didn't tell us they wanted this until the day of the baptism. So no one wanted to or couldn't put together a musical number that fast so my companion and I put something together. We didn't even practice. We were copying the programs. We just picked a hymn and talked through what we would do. Then we just did it. Everyone said it was beautiful. I had someone come up to me and asked if I had studied music before. It was a nice way to bring the spirit in. We also had two investigators at the baptism that we hope will be baptized soon. I pray all of you had a very Happy New Year!! New Years I was sleeping and working on a baptism book. We had to be in by dusk which is like 5:30 ish here.

Love you all,

Hermana Alaina Mills

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