Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tuesday, September 7th Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

I am writing on Tuesday because Monday we couldn't use any computers on Monday with it being a holiday. But I am writing now HOORAY!!! I love everyone who writes me. It really is such a highlight to hear of the details of the lives of those I love so much. So thank-you everyone and keep them coming. This week has been full of battles against Satan.

Our investigator is so close to being baptized. And so many hard things have been coming his way. For instance, he had a huge water leak at his house and had to cancel our appointment. He is closing down his business and his worker just left on him to finish everything on his own. His old job offered him his old job back. This job has him traveling a lot. He passed his baptismal interview and wants to be baptized. But the baptism just keeps getting pushed back. But we think he will be getting baptized on the 19th of September now. His parents are coming here just to attend his baptism. They are very excited for his decision to follow Jesus Christ. Maybe through him they will all be baptized and sealed as a family one day.

Our other investigator is having a hard time at work. She is not making as much money as usually which is making her family struggle financially. She is working more trying to make up for the lack of money. This has made meeting with her difficult. Her lights were turned off on her one time so she canceled the appointment because she had to take care of that. But she is accepting and living everything we are teaching her. She loves the gospel and we found a way for her to come to at least part of church on Sunday. Her baptism is set for the last Sunday in September.

So I have decided this transfer will be the transfer of baptisms. We are still knocking on doors and looking for other investigators. If you aren't constantly looking you will go through the feast and starve cycle. For awhile you have lots of baptisms and teaching lots of people. Then once they are all baptized you end up looking and searching for someone to teach for awhile. As for what is happening this transfer the verdict is I will be staying here in the same area with my trainer for another transfer. I was expecting this and am glad it happened. My two companions from the MTC are all getting new companions. We call this being greenie broken. I have a feeling I will be in this area I am now for awhile. My companion has been in this area for 7 transfers now. This was her first area and she hasn't left since she got here. It is a really nice area. Others call it the Ritz because it is the nicest area in the mission. I think next transfer they will be moving my companion to a new area. President is trying to move people less which is why I think I will be in this area for awhile.

Well, there is expected to be a ton of rain all week. So my next letter will probably be on how wet it is. Today already it has been pouring. I loved the pictures Eric sent of the family. All the younger boys look bigger. And Eric does look taller. I love you all!!! I miss you all!!! Keep living the gospel because it really does bring true happiness.


Hermana Alaina Mills

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