Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monday, September 20th, 2010 Letter

Hello Family and Friends,

I was wondering what to write this week. There have been quite a few sad things coming to my attention this week. The first thing is how hard Satan is working at present. We must be coming to the last days because Satan seems to have really picked up the pace. As an active soldier at the moment for the Lord I see the carnage first hand. This week we had a ton of appointments cancel on us for this reason or that. We also had a lot of member visits that just had me worried. I came to realize how many families are struggling to stay together. Many families don't have jobs and are desperately searching. As soon as our investigators decide they want to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized the gates of hell seem to gape open after them. I can literally feel the demons working against our investigators. We as the missionaries are working hard to support our members and their families. We visit with the less actives a lot as well. They all love to have us over. Many are even requesting us to come over because they say they need more support. I feel like saying I am just one simple missionary. We pour our hearts out in prayer for those in our ward searching for job and those trying to keep their families together.

Now more than every it is sooooooo important to be doing the simple things the Lord has asked us to do. We all need to make sure our foundations are strong and secure and centered on Jesus Christ. So everyone if you are not already doing these make a goal now to do them or improve how you are doing them. 1-READ the scriptures. When you read the scriptures you don't just read but you try to apply the principles taught in the scriptures. Read personally, as a couple, read as a family. Talk to and support each other. 2-PRAY. Pour out your heart to the Lord for support and for his peace that even if things are hard now you will get through them. And if you hold on to your faith in Jesus Christ when the trial is over you will be better off. Pray personally, pray as a couple, pray as a family. 3-GO to CHURCH. Go to church every week. Go to church and help support the friends and members there. Many people need a friend right now. At church we can learn the doctrines of Christ and how to better improve ourselves and our families. But above all serve those in your ward. That doesn't always mean give them something physically. It also means talk to others. Show an interest in their lives. Or at the very least smile at those around you.

I am sorry if this letter sounds a little preachy. But I just love all of my family and friends so much. I want us all to hold strong together. The waves of life are growing bigger. We need to fortify ourselves and prepare for when it comes. And we can do it together.

This week we had a party in the ward. Everyone made food from where they were from. We had a lot of food from Honduras and Mexico. Some from El Salvador, Argentina, Guatemala, etc. It was delicious!!! I tried cow's intestines. It was okay. It really just tasted like I was eating tougher fat. It was a little slimy too. I also had some interesting prayers this week. While knocking doors we met Dale. He was really nice and very interested in the Book of Mormon. He wanted to pray with us before we left him. We held hands and he prayed for us to be safe and thanked God for sending us to him. It was very sweet. We also met this little old lady named Erma. She couldn't see very well but she loved talking to us. She says she gets lonely sometimes and would love the missionaries to come over sometime. She said we were the sweetest girls she had ever met. Of course this was all in English though. So we will be sending the Elders over to their houses. We find lots of referrals for the Elders. Many times I feel like God uses us as the way to contact these people and the Elders for teaching. Ha ha. But with our investigator we found knocking I noticed that when I prayed if Hermano (Brother) agreed with something I said he would say things like "amen" or "please Jesus" etc. It was very interesting, but fun. The work keeps going forward. And my spanish keeps slowly getting better. It is slowly not as hard to express my thoughts in spanish. And I am slowly starting to understand more what people are saying. I keep going and praying that it will come.

Love you all, stay safe,

Hermana Alaina Mills

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